High Elf

High Elves are roughly of human height, standing from 5’5" – 6’1" (1.65 – 1.85 meters) on average, but are lighter, weighing in from 130 – 180 lbs. (59 – 82 kg). Even exceptionally strong High Elves look rather slim compared with other races, looking athletic rather than muscular. Most High Elves are fair-skinned rather than dark, though Sun Elven skin is a hue darker than that of the Star Elves or Moon Elves and dark Elven skin, in particular, is dark brown. Most High Elves have black hair, with silvery hues common among Moon Elves and Star Elves while blond or copper hues are more common among the Sun Elves. This hair is often worn long and loose.

High Elven eyes are most commonly green, with Sun Elves commonly possessing golden eyes and Moon Elves commonly exhibiting blue hues.[ Violet eyes are also not unheard of, though rarer. Unlike Moon Elves or Sun Elves, High Elves native to the Feywild lack pupils and have eyes that appear to be solid orbs of color while more common varieties of High Elves exhibit eyes normal except for the gold-speckled appearance of Moon Elf eyes.

High Elves, like Elves, grow at a decelerating rate throughout their lives. Very young High Elves mature at a rate comparable with humans but during adolescence slow to a near stop until about 110 years of age, at which point High Elves are considered mature. Elves then remain vigorous and active until the middle of their third century. Even so, after this most High Elves suffer few of the infirmities of old age that plague other races, remaining full of life until the end.

High Elves are graceful, intelligent beings, with a greater capacity for intelligence than most humanoid races while also possessing an agility comparable with their Elven kin. High Elves are also unusually strong-willed and have a natural resistance to the effects of enchantment spells. High Elves also have no need for sleep in the same way most humanoids do, instead “trancing.” While in a trance, High Elves remain fully aware of their immediate surroundings. Furthermore, High Elves need only rest for four hours to get the same effect that most other humanoids get from six hours of sleep.

High Elf

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