Halflings, also known as Hin among themselves or the good folk of other races, or “Quick folk” and “Sly folk” are humanoid creatures similar in shape to humans, who Halflings call the “Big Folk,”, “Manyhanded” or “Hurbryn” but around half their size. Halflings get along well with most of the other races and are known for their curiosity and tendency to collect things.

The term “halfling” is derived from the fact that a Halfling is around half of the size of a human, but otherwise very similar in appearance.

Halflings are small in comparison with the members of most other races, standing somewhere from 2’8" – 3’4" (0.81 – 1.02 meters) tall and weighing on average between 30 – 35 lbs (14 – 16 kg). In many ways, Halflings resemble small humans and usually have the same proportions as the typical human adult. Most Halflings have dark hair and eyes , regardless of their skin complexion which, although commonly ruddy in hue , has a similar range to humans.

Nearly all male Halflings are incapable of growing true beards, though many have long sideburns. Halfling hairstyles are often complex, with strands woven together or braided. Although Halflings have an affinity for collecting valuables, they do not prefer to wear these on their person, instead preferring more comfortable clothing.

Halflings have lifespans comparable with, but slightly longer, than humans. A Halfling is typically considered an adult in their early twenties and some live into their 150s.

Halflings are quick and dexterous humanoids, even given their size, with quick reflexes and an ability to recover easily from sudden danger. Halflings, who by large have a strong force of personality, are also intensely courageous and are more likely to retain their valor than most other humanoids, even when under the effects of a spell or other power. Beyond this, Halflings have what can be best described as a lucky streak and have an ability known as second chance, that makes it less likely for them to be injured in perilous circumstances.

Additionally, the small size of Halflings has an effect on their abilities. Halflings are, for instance, incapable of wielding larger weapons like greatswords or halberds.

It is sometimes said that Halflings are weaker for the wear than other humanoids, and as a trend, Halflings tend to be weaker. However, this is not a universal truth of the race. Similarly, although many have an excellent sense of hearing, not all do.


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