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  • The Sea Bastard

    The Sea Bastard is a massive warship. It’s 70m long with 5 masts. It houses 200 pieces of artillery. It has four decks. The entire hull of the ship has been painted black. In place of a figurehead there are 4 large spikes, 2 on either side vertically, …

  • The Shard of the Sun

    [[File:676251 | class=media-item-align-right | pelor_symbol.png]] The Shard is a powerful relic of [[Pelor | Pelor]]. It was used to defeat Bromont's undead army and now is held aloft by the massive statue in [[Nightfall | Nightfall]], permanently …

  • The Rabbit's Foot

    The Rabbit's Foot is a ship belonging to Guntramn Goodwort. The party uses it to chase after [[:paravel | Paravel]]. It was sunk in battle with an [[East Mire Cartel | East Mire Cartel]] ship while fleeing [[The Rock | The Rock]].

  • The Sand Canal

    The Sand Canal is a joint project by [[Aldingstone | Aldingstone]] and Jacinta. The project plans to extend and broaden the small river Klemen Run, wide and deep enough for ships to sail all the way to Jacinta. Dwarven earth movers from [[Dramek | Dramek …