The Rabbit’s Foot races through the night with a wolf at her ankles. The rough northern seas toss the schooner about, eliminating any speed advantage it may have had over the larger enemy ship. Some time in the early morning, though, as the sun rose the seas began to churn less and it seemed the lighter ship could slip away…

Until a second Cartel ship showed up on the scene, cutting off The Rabbit’s Foot’s current course and moving to intercept her. With little options, Guntramn Goodwort cuts back to ram into the first pursuing ship. Hoping to potentially fight them off one at a time. Once locked together in broadside, the Cartel ship peppers the deck with arrows and launches two massive ogres onto the deck of The Rabbit’s Foot.

The brutes are decked out in jagged and bladed plate mail and each wield devastating weapons. The one cuts men in half with a pair of scissoring katars. The other slices heads right off shoulders with a wild bladed chain. The Danger Rangers move to cut them off while the crew fend off the Cartel at the rail. The brutes are defeated and a second attack oddly never comes from the enemy ship. Nor does a second Cartel ship attack from the other side…

Instead The Danger Rangers are shocked to find the third ship is none other than The Sea Bastard! Awaiting on the deck is the father of Zelda and Tetra. Initially the reunion was a bit tentative. The girls were not sure of their father’s roll in their demise. It soon became apparent when Hugh Storye and Alosrin filled them in on the events that took place after and their current status. The Cartel had betrayed them all.

After catching up, Hugh offered temporary places in his crew for Goodwort and his men until returning to Aldingstone. Hugh and Goodwort talk and it’s revealed that they’ve had encounters with each other in the past where Goodwort outran The Sea Bastard with ease. Though a constant opponent and storied villain, Goodwort is thankful to Hugh for rescuing them and the two seem to share a mutual respect.

Hugh then wanted to know about his daughters, their new company, and their adventures. Once filled in, Hugh insisted that they let him help them and get them to Eastfold Terminal, though he couldn’t go into the city because of his current war with the Cartel. The party agrees and they get under way.

Alosrin and Zelda take time to do some scrying while heading to Eastfold Terminal and discover the city is in turmoil but find no sign of Paravel, Mr. Quincey, the One-Armed Man, or Whitemane. The Terminal used to be much quieter with the enormous native Northmen lumberjacks running a meager port to send out the lumber they had milled from the giant Tohva trees in the region. As the demand for the wood grew, outsiders came from all over to establish themselves as merchants, build trade halls, become brokers, and the like. With them came their families and every other sort of person that might make up a frontier town. The Northmen welcomed the boom and the people with open arms and things flourished for a couple generations and the town grew to a city.

Everything was fine until the Cartel showed up. And show up was all they had to do. They started appearing around town with no warning and eventually so many of them showed up that there was little anyone could do. They had an army in place. They also started driving wedges between the Northmen and their outsider neighbors. The city leaders were thrown in jail and the residents were told to carry on about their business or receive the same fate. The Cartel took control of everything including the lucrative lumber industry with no one to truly oppose them.

The most volatile situation within the city revolves around the murder of a young woman named Malin. Many Outsiders believe that she was killed by her former lover, Oliver Breeland, when she tried to leave him. The Northmen insist that one of their brightest and most skilled youths would never commit such an act. Oliver Breeland has disappeared before he could face any sort of “justice” and many Outsiders also accuse the Northmen of harboring him and supporting him.

Alosrin offers this… If the tide can be turned within the city and the Cartel taken out of power it could be a major blow against them. It could also stir up leads as to where Paravel could now be. You must turn Eastfold Terminal against the Cartel. Lie, cheat, and steal if you have to.

Escaping The Rock

The Danger Rangers and the crew of The Rabbit’s Foot find themselves in a horrible cell within an unknown Cartel fortress island. The captain of the guard, Abe, and several of his men show up and take the young cabin boy from within the cell by force. Abe uses the boy as an example as his men brutally rape the young cabin boy to death just on the other side of the bars. The imprisoned look on helpless.

That night the prisoners find that the cells fill with water as the tides raise. The water comes from three small holes in the floor that the prisoners had been using as toilets. All of the excrement from the holes flows back in, along with frigid sea water. The cell fills to 7-8ft deep, forcing the prisoners spend the entire evening paddling to stay afloat, clinging to the bars and each other. One of the crew of The Rabbit’s Foot had bravely attempted to save the cabin boy earlier and had his brains bashed in for it. His corpse and skull fragments also float about the flooded cell, giving an uncomfortable bump here and there. This, however, reveals a tube which Luna uses to escape as an otter. Her small form is thrashed about in the extreme northern seas but she somehow manages to make it to the jagged shore. There, she slips around in various forms until she finds Abe asleep and steals his amulet to open the cell that holds her friends.

The Danger Rangers and the crew then part ways. Guntramn Goodwort and his men make a move for their ship while The Rangers slink around inside of the fort executing Cartel members and finding their gear. Using stolen outfits, they tricks some drunken pirates into thinking they’re fellow guards. The pirates are having an argument about who fucked the dog, Buddy. Luna talks to Buddy and discovers that Buddy, in fact, fucked all the pirates! Things go south from here and The Danger Rangers are forced to kill the pirates and move on. They also discover several written correspondence between Artaz and a subordinate referred to only as H. The letters reveal that Artaz knew of The Danger Rangers and planned to intercept them. Artaz also directs H. to listen to the directions of Mr. Quincey, the One-Armed Man and keep the town subdued until his return. H.’s responses are laconic and offer little clues as to who this person could be except that they must be in control of Eastfold Terminal.

Things go even further south from here… A simple blunder has the whole of the remainder of the fortress coming down on The Rangers. Exiting the main building, The Danger Rangers see a couple of large towers and decide to silently storm the larger and free standing of the two. Tink makes it to the door of the tower but when Illnorin tries to cross the open field to the tower he’s spotted and all hell breaks loose. The wizard, Artaz, even appears to lead the forces but still they’re no match and the party ends up standing as the dust settles after the epic battle. Zelda finds a strange and apparently powerful rod on Artaz but beyond that there’s no time to loot…

Members of The Rabbit’s Foot crew approach from shore with news that they’ve freed their ship but will soon be pursued by a Cartel ship. The group rushes to a small boat that they row out into the tides as hard as they can to meet up with The Rabbit’s Foot. They’re pulled aboard and begin to flee from enemy ship. Knowing the chase will be a long one, The Danger Rangers rest below deck preparing for what’s to come.


After returning to Paradise the party was given a residence by Elva. They spent the winter there. Paravel became close to the party, especially Zelda and Tetra. The party settled into the community nicely and Zelda even found a new mentor in Scarfsnelkir Slinsnerem. Zelda also acquired the apparently spiteful Cucktoo, who even kills his replacement before flying off. Elvadraelith departed for a while to tend to some unknown business, leaving Valbreck Stoneknuckle in charge.

While Elva is away Paravel goes missing. It’s quickly surmised that she must’ve disappeared on Breck ‘Whitemane’ Petrik ship, The Fang. It was the only was anyone could’ve left that evening and departed earlier than planned. Guntramn Goodwort throws his hat into the ring by offering to set sail immediately and give chase. Goodwort is known to have the fastest ship in these seas, The Rabbit’s Foot. With the blessing of Valbreck Stoneknuckle, The Danger Rangers get under way to Eastfold Terminal, the next stop on The Fang’s manifest.

The pursuit is going well until the party is ambushed at sea by the wizard Artaz. The sea goes flat and the night fills with fog. Out of the dark a fireball explodes across the deck of The Rabbit’s Foot. Those that don’t succumb to it’s flames are then dropped into a deep slumber. Those still standing quickly surrender as Cartel Pirates flood the deck.

Lost Stone Mine Part 2

The party continues their search in the mines… shaken from their glance with death. They encounter a strange pair of elves accompanied by some of the tainted townsfolk and find a scroll on their corpses that controls a barrier or sorts. They find the barrier guarded by more strange tainted elves. After defeating them and dropping the barrier, they descend into the tight tunnel deeper into the earth. The tunnel leads into an ancient elven structure. Some of the party get trapped inside the walls of a strange mirrored room. Luckily the rest of the group find some magical collars that free them. Then they stumble onto three female prisoners and then some sort of devil. The three prisoners turn into hags and attack the party. The party defeat them and break their bond to the devil. The devil, Osgood Zeus, thanks the party and disappears into a portal.

The party returns to Lost Stone and the children empty handed. Paravel informs the party that the eldest boy and his orc cronies are violating the children. The party finds them brutally raping children and slaughters them. In death, they turn out to be dopplegangers. Seeing nothing but strife in the future of the children of Lost Stone, the party gathers them together and takes them back to Paradise.

Lost Stone Mine Part 1

The party travels deeper into the labyrinth of tunnels that make up the mine system of Lost Stone. The first chamber they enter off of the large main cavern had a few ghouls that were easily dispatched. There they followed a set of stairs up out of the bloody muck they’d been traveling through thus far.

Down the tight halls atop the stairs, the party stumbles across a fast flowing underground river. Trying to reach an out of the way passage, the party has Luna Diamond-hawk fly over as a bird and then tie a rope around a nearby boulder. Tink anchors the other end of the line. Ever nimble, Tetra and Illnorin get right across. Rurik, however is another story. He fumbles his grip in his plate gauntlets and falls into the river.

Illnorin dives in after him but immediately realizes there’s something more sinister to these waters. As he approaches Rurik, he can see disembodied hands reaching and pulling all about his dwarf friend. Then he begins to feel the tug. Hands from every direction. Hands forming from the rapid flowing waters of the river itself. They grab and pull with the strength of the river itself and Illnorin can feel himself being quickly pulled under.

Tink also springs into action as soon as he sees the dwarf fall in. He takes a moment to pull in his rope. As he prepares to leap in behind Illnorin, he can see that his agile friend, who should have no problem swimming the river, reaching out as he’s being pulled under. Tink launches off the shore like a missile to his Elf friend. He’s caught off guard by the hands now reaching from all directions. He’s unable to fend them off and pull Illnorin to safety but the Elf manages to kick off of his burly friend and grab a hold of a bridge downstream.

Zelda helps Illnorin to shore and as he’s coughing up mouthfuls of water she watches Tink pass under them. She magically gives herself gills and dives in after Tink. The two of them struggle back to shore.

Luna Diamond-hawk and Tetra, unsure of what to do and having been stranded alone on the opposite shore, they begins to head down the passage. That is until they hear the shambling and excited howls of hungry ghouls on to a scent… The two of them clasp together and fall head long into the rushing current. It’s all they can do to stay together as the river pulls them downstream and under the waves.

Illnorin’s keen senses pick out the girls just as they’re about to go under. He quickly ties some rope to an arrow and lacking options- fires it at the girls and hits Tetra. He pulls them to shore and the party tries to recollect itself as Tink continues to focus on finding Rurik.

Rushing around the bend of the river, Tink and Zelda spot Rurik laid out, lifeless on a crumbled section of bridge that used to span the river. Tink manages to lasso Rurik but as he pulls him back through the water the river pulls back. Tink tries with all his might against the river’s strength but ultimately it’s the rope that snaps and leaves the party speechless on shore.

Having all nearly died, the group hesitates into action. They are also now faced with a sheer rock face at the end of the flow. The river, itself, plunging back underground at it’s base. Zelda stills sports her gills and decides to dive in and comb the bottom for Rurik. Again, the river is too much and holds her down. Tink realizes that she’s not coming back up after some time and also realizes he’s the only one with the strength to fight the current and the disembodied hands. He dives back into the deadly flow.

Tink easily finds the trapped wizard and frees her. He pulls her to shore. He tosses her at the feet of his comrades and without saying a word wades back into the river. Shouts of disapproval and pleas to stay coming from behind, stoically the Paladin takes one last gulp of air and dives powerfully to the depths of the river. Not finding the dwarf in the immediate area, Tink knows now what he must do…

The soaked party waits above for what seems like an eternity. Rurik was surely too far gone and Tink’s selfless act was surely suicide. Several moments pass as the group sits around stunned. The odd dwarf is a loss, having saved many of the group from the brink with his healing magics… but to Illnorin and Luna Diamond-hawk, losing their righteous Orc friend is a muc more devastating blow. Luna Diamond-hawk begins to weep. Ghost and Illnorin both move to comfort their adoptive sister. Tetra and Zelda even feel the weight of the blow, having found a true friend and selfless warrior in someone they had been at odds with during much of the events at Nightfall.

Rurik must have been pulled passed the point of no return, deep into the bowels of the earth, deep into the unknown. Tink calls out to Pelor in his mind and asks for strength. Pelor replies in the form of a wave of pure courage. Tink let’s himself go. Gives in to the flow of the current. He’s pulled onward by the clutch of the hands. He feels himself descend over a precipice and his speed increases! It’s now black as pitch. He gives into his other senses. The oxygen from his last breaths begin to wane and his throat begins to tighten but he focuses on feeling his way along. Trusting Pelor. Just as he can feel himself about to enter a jet-like stream, his hand strikes something familiar. It’s hard… smooth… steel… A breastplate! He grabs out frantically! Reaching! As fast as he’s pulled along! Success! He locks on to something! A leg! A dwarf leg!

This stops him cold from being swept further along. Tink uses all his strength to pull himself up the dwarf, back towards the precipice. Once he’s in a better position, he tries to pull Rurik away but he won’t budge. Feeling around in the dark for the answer to the hang up, Tink begins to swoon from lack of air. He can feel his vision going black in another way. He can feel his grip loosen… He can feel his muscles begin to fail… The courage Pelor instilled upon him beginning to fail… With what remains in his lunges Tink physically cries out for his god! With the mightiest of bellows he empties his lunges- PELORRRRR!!!!!! And again his god answers- an explosion of warmth from within, an explosion of great strength!! As the water fills his lunges, Tink drives forward, his hands locked upon the dwarf, his feet planted squarely against the river bed. He rockets passed the precipice, finds more footing and then rockets himself and the dwarf to the shore. Dwarf and Orc alike collapse there.

Tetra and Zelda immediately rush to their aid. They begin to perform a number of techniques used to revive sailors who’ve gone overboard. Tink and Rurik are luckily revived after some time. The group takes some time to reflect on what just happened and thank each other… To Be Continued…

Departure From Nightfall

As the group rested beneath the corrupted stronghold of The Keepers of Light, Zelda had yet another dream about the dagger wielded by the captain. This time, as it pulled her in, it was interrupted by a telepathic communication from Elvadraelith. Elvadraelith could sense the party near something incredibly evil. She restored the parties health and spells with a powerful boon.

The group immediately sprung into action against the supernaturally powerful captain. His strength and speed were unmatchable but the party still managed to bring an end to him.

When they returned above ground, they found the militia had stormed the castle. Brother Rian went straight to Rip Tide with word of the party. They also caught a glimpse of The Laugher and The Skinner escaping over the far wall.

There was much revelry and the town joined together and burnt down Castle Bromont. Ghost returned to Luna Diamond-hawk from within the flames after Brother Rian, Tink, Rurik, and Mu`idd al-Shaybani began to pray.

The group is quick to head back north to Paradise. They know they carry an artifact of evil with them that they must deliver.

On the way, they discover children preparing an ambush for them. They flip the ambush on the children, who are quick to surrender. The children say they’re from Lost Stone and that all of their parents have disappeared into the local mines.

After hearing whispers of a one armed man, the party heads to the mines right away. The mines are flooded and incredibly warm. In the first large chamber, the party finds many corpses and Carrion Crawlers. The crawlers are easily defeated and the group heads deeper in…

The Shack

The hole into the earth leads eventually into a drain pipe filled with blood and bile and corpses. From there they enter into the basement of what could only be Castle Bromont. In the dungeons there, they encounter the beast The Skinner. After defeating him they rescue Brother Rian and send him to Rip Tide. They encounter corrupted Keepers in the desecrated church of Pelor. When they head into the keep Illnorin spots The Laugher and they give chase. Only to be blocked by more Keepers. They then pursue him back into the lower levels of the castle. Though, it seems, The Laugher has escaped, they find what they believe to be the captain of the Keepers and wicked looking dagger. They take one last rest and prepare to face him…

On the Trail

Tink and Luna Diamond-hawk arrive back in Nightfall to the news of Tetra’s arrest. Tink is furious and strikes Zelda during an argument. Zelda then leaves the group to find her sister in the stocks. She talks to her sister about possibly leaving the group but it’s Tetra who calms Zelda. She convinces her that what they’re doing may be worth while and they should do their best to smooth things over with the group. This is, of course, their best shot at revenge against the man that shattered their lives. Zelda heads off for a stiff drink.

Luna Diamond-hawk gets angry with Tink for striking Zelda. She heads off in search of her to make amends. She comes across Tetra there in the stocks. Even though she didn’t approve of Tink hitting Zelda for something she didn’t do, Luna Diamond-hawk still takes a moment to stop in front of Tetra. The ire builds within her, fed up with the trouble this one seems to attract. She reaches down, grabs a stone, and hurls it at Tetra, striking her in the face. She also needs a stiff drink and heads off to the tap house. She finds Zelda there and they talk. Tink joins them shortly after and they manage to make up for the previous confrontations.

The party reunites and finds the streets all a bustle. People rushing towards the militia headquarters. The party follows suit and finds that Mu`idd al-Shaybani has returned with a man with one arm, matching the description of the attacker from the last murder. Outside of the headquarters, Dupre rallies the merchants and other townfolks in a cry for the immediate death of the man. Rip Tide introduces them to Mu`idd al-Shaybani. He tells them that while the man matches the description, he’s not believed by any in the militia to actually be the attacker. His name is Rourk and he was one of the best in the militia, a lieutenant and the leader of the patrol that Kethra was a part of.

The net day, Rourk’s fate is already decided by the town leaders. As he’s being hung, the party begins to prepare to free him but ultimately decide against the move. Mu`idd al-Shaybani departs to go back on patrol and the party is left to it’s own devices again. They expect there to be a celebration at Dupre’s residence that night and find it a good opportunity to stake it out. instead they find it dark and quiet. Their vigil pays off, though. Three cloaked figures slip out of the manor in the night. The party gives chase and nearly loses them. They follow them to the bunk house where the fourth murder took place. There they confront Dupre and a couple of his lackeys. Luna Diamond-hawk turns into a wolf and mulls one of them until he gives up everything they need to know, informing them of the shack outside of town that was their goal.

The party takes the three men to Rip Tide and convinces him to watch them for the evening while they explore the shack. He does so begrudgingly. They also talk him into freeing Tetra for the excursion. At the shack, they find a grated hatch covering a hole down into the dark of the earth.

Arrival in Nightfall
The Hangover PT I

The company of heroes wakes in the morning to a lone ghoul trapped in the gate. They decide to throw the lever and splatter the ghoul all over the damn place. Then they depart to find it’s friends strewn about out side of the cave. Their corpses have been charred to cinders. Kethra comments that it appears to be the work of Mu`idd al-Shaybani.

Outside the walls of Nightfall, Kethra and the party receive a warm welcome. The party is led to see the captain of the town militia straight away to let him know of their arrival and get set up with lodging. They find Rip Tide passed out drunk atop his desk. He appeared to have been in one hell of a battle recently. He fills the group in that their horses and the wagons of goods were luckily found by a patrol on the road. He also pays the group a handsome sum for rescuing Kethra.

The first signs of tension within the group show their head while the party attempts to divvy the reward. Rurik continues to seem distant from the rest of the party while the three childhood friends (Illnorin, Luna Diamond-hawk, and Tink being to clash with the twins (Tetra and Zelda). Luna Diamond-hawk suggests that Zelda gets no split of the reward as she was more of a liability and was even rescued alongside Kethra. A small argument breaks out and shockingly, the ever vicious Tetra is able to quell the situation by offering to forego her take and split it between Zelda and Luna Diamond-hawk.

Zelda also takes some time while they’re getting settled in their bunk houses to identify the magical items that Tetra was able to swipe from the altar within the cave system they had ventured into. She finds them to be a Dagger of Warning, Figurine of Wondrous Power (silver raven), and a Bag of Tricks (Tan). Tetra suggests offering the Bag of Tricks to Luna Diamond-hawk to smooth things over between them.

While in out in the market, twins manage to steal a fine diamond ring. They almost blunder the caper but Zelda’s familiar, Tingle, in weasel form saves the day by making off with the loot. While the guards suspicions are peaked, they find no proof that the girls did anything wrong and let them go with a stern warning.

Rurik stays back at the bunk house making stew while the rest of the party heads to the local tap house to gather information and get and feel for the locals. Upon arrival, they run into Kethra, again. She waves them over to a table full of militia and other locals. Seats and drinks are made readily available for the heroes that brought back such a well known and loved member of the town guard.

As the revelry reaches it’s pinnacle, the crowd clears the tables from the center of the bar and forms up in a ring. The tap house owner and operator, a massively obese and yet shockingly nimble orc named Rukus, takes the center of the ring and offers a sack of gold to the toughest fighter in the crowd. A bare knuckle boxing tournament then takes place. Tetra and Tink both enter. Tetra underestimates the hardy folk of Nightfall and is knocked out of the tourney early on. Tink advances into the later rounds where he faces off against a nearly starved and feeble Kethra. What should be an easy win for the brute of an orc turns into a barn burner of a match. It pushes both fighters to the brink with Tink squeezing out a close victory. Tink is very battered entering the finals and even though he puts up a great fight he ultimately is defeated by a young Elf warrior and member of the militia.

While some of the party members place bets to earn extra coin, Tetra can’t help herself and attempts to cut the purse of a wealthy patron. Unfortunately, she does this in a room full of town guards and is immediately apprehended. This time there is less leniency and she’s forced to spend the night in jail with another warning to keep her nose clean. She’s reminded that she’s there to help the town and though she helped rescue Kethra next time the punishment will not be a slap on the wrist.

Tink manages to find an Orc woman of fine breeding stock and he pursues her throughout the evening. Her name is Tina and she has no issues heading back to the bunk house with Tink. There they find Rurik has made stew from the psionic brain soaked in the strange green liquid. He seems to be having some sort of super natural experience. They find him naked in the center of the bunk house, locked in a trance, and holding various poses. Also and oddly, a small goblin has appeared. It pounds a redundant rhythm on a massive drum. Tink and Tina decide to head to the girls bunk house. There Tink destroys one of the bunks to make a larger bed for himself and his lady. They proceed to do all manner of things most foul that evening.

Luna Diamond-hawk gets wasted and heads off into the night with Kethra and a couple fit young militia lads. She returns the next morning with a smile on her face.

Illnorin and Zelda close down the bar. When they stumble out into the street they are approached by a young Elf girl named Brigit. She conceals herself and waits to approach them in the shadows where no one can see her. She tells them that she was close to the last victim and that they should look into her step father, Dupre. She also informs them of the disappearance of his right-hand man, Mr. Quincey. When they get back to the bunks, they find Rurik and the goblin in one bunk and Tink, Tina, and a thick foul odor in the other. They decide to camp outside of Brigits home to keep watch over her, fearing she might be the next victim.

The next morning Tetra is released from jail, minus her Dagger of Warning. She reunites with Illnorin, Zelda, Tink, and Luna Diamond-hawk. Tink has taken taken a lot of issue with the antics of the twins but tries to go with Tetra to speak on her behalf and get her dagger back. The guards have no idea what happened to the dagger, supposedly, so they leave empty handed.

The group splits again with the twins heading around town to gathering information and Tink heading out to Castle Bromont to speak with The Keepers of Light. Rurik is tripping yet again and this time Illnorin joins in with Luna Diamond-hawk watching over them. Tink comes back after being turned away from his own brothers and also consumes some of the stew.

The next day Tink and Luna Diamond-hawk head out on patrol with Rip Tide. The rest of the party takes the opportunity to go speak with Dupre. The interview quickly devolves with attitudes and comments from both sides. After a slew of insults, Tetra finally snaps and attacks Dupre’s guard with the smart mouth. A fight breaks out with the party severely outnumbered. They’re quickly defeated and forced to surrender. They’re tossed out. Tetra is arrested the next morning and put in the stocks for killing a man in the fray.

Brain in a Jar.

The party travels down into the tunnel system. They first encounter a large crypt and have a brutal fight with waves of skeletons. They manage to survive even though they fall many times in the fight. Certainly a fight to tell tails of.

They follow a trail of blood into a refuse pile, fur and bone and waste and broken furniture and old tatters of rugs and clothes and hair… Tetra is grabbed by something in the trash. It’s grip is impossibly strong. Tink brings his blade crashing down wildly into the trash to free his new ally. Though, she shouldn’t be trusted whatsoever, she’s certainly not as dangerous as what’s grabbed a hold of her. The wild swing manages to cleave nearly the entire arm from the creature hidden below. The severed appendage immediately starts attacking alongside it’s troll counterpart. The party quickly overwhelms the handicapped monster but struggles to find a resolution to it’s regeneration. Rurik eventually sets it on fire with oil and a torch.

The party comes to a large chamber with a massive bonfire in it core. Before the fire, a stone alter. On the alter and speared against the walls of the chamber are what Kethra would later identify, upon backtracking through, as her friends and members of the militia. The party is corned in the chamber by strangely well organized and well armed ogres. The ogres bring with them a litter. Upon the litter is a brain inside a glass sphere. It rests among lush padded pillows. Inside the “jar” the brain floats in a neon green fluid. The brain lashes out with psychic strikes against the party as it’s thrull ogres engage. Destroying the brain brought chaos to the mind controlled ogres. Victory was well earned but not without sacrifice. Luna’s wolf brother, Ghost was smashed to bits by one of the ogres. It was a devastating loss that spurred Luna on to fight harder and finish the massive brutes. Heart broken… she had to carry on… a tuft of Ghost’s fur clenched tightly in her fist.

The next ogre’s they encountered weren’t remotely organized. Clearly they were no longer thrulls, as well. They were a pair trying to smash down a door to get whatever was inside… Little did they know it was Zelda and Kethra. After the fight Kethra made some makeshift gear from what the ogres carried and the party found Zelda’s belongings.

Just down the hall they found another alter. This one inside a finely built temple. Massive stones columns run in two rows down the length of the room. The columns are carved into the likeness of axe wielding orcs. Sensing an obvious trap but also sensing some fine loot on the alter, Tetra decides to make a move to the alter. Relying on sheer speed and reflex, she dashes across the room. Narrowly dodging the large swinging axes of the orc columns. She sweeps several items into her bag and dashes for the exit. On her return trip shes nearly sliced in two, taking quite a blow that slices her down her face and abdomen. Rurik quickly heals the wound so there’s no horrendous scar.

A handful more of easily dispatched skeletons and twists and turns and back tracking and the party finds the exit to the cave covered in ghouls. They camp out until morning so the ghouls depart.


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