Escaping The Rock

The Danger Rangers and the crew of The Rabbit’s Foot find themselves in a horrible cell within an unknown Cartel fortress island. The captain of the guard, Abe, and several of his men show up and take the young cabin boy from within the cell by force. Abe uses the boy as an example as his men brutally rape the young cabin boy to death just on the other side of the bars. The imprisoned look on helpless.

That night the prisoners find that the cells fill with water as the tides raise. The water comes from three small holes in the floor that the prisoners had been using as toilets. All of the excrement from the holes flows back in, along with frigid sea water. The cell fills to 7-8ft deep, forcing the prisoners spend the entire evening paddling to stay afloat, clinging to the bars and each other. One of the crew of The Rabbit’s Foot had bravely attempted to save the cabin boy earlier and had his brains bashed in for it. His corpse and skull fragments also float about the flooded cell, giving an uncomfortable bump here and there. This, however, reveals a tube which Luna uses to escape as an otter. Her small form is thrashed about in the extreme northern seas but she somehow manages to make it to the jagged shore. There, she slips around in various forms until she finds Abe asleep and steals his amulet to open the cell that holds her friends.

The Danger Rangers and the crew then part ways. Guntramn Goodwort and his men make a move for their ship while The Rangers slink around inside of the fort executing Cartel members and finding their gear. Using stolen outfits, they tricks some drunken pirates into thinking they’re fellow guards. The pirates are having an argument about who fucked the dog, Buddy. Luna talks to Buddy and discovers that Buddy, in fact, fucked all the pirates! Things go south from here and The Danger Rangers are forced to kill the pirates and move on. They also discover several written correspondence between Artaz and a subordinate referred to only as H. The letters reveal that Artaz knew of The Danger Rangers and planned to intercept them. Artaz also directs H. to listen to the directions of Mr. Quincey, the One-Armed Man and keep the town subdued until his return. H.’s responses are laconic and offer little clues as to who this person could be except that they must be in control of Eastfold Terminal.

Things go even further south from here… A simple blunder has the whole of the remainder of the fortress coming down on The Rangers. Exiting the main building, The Danger Rangers see a couple of large towers and decide to silently storm the larger and free standing of the two. Tink makes it to the door of the tower but when Illnorin tries to cross the open field to the tower he’s spotted and all hell breaks loose. The wizard, Artaz, even appears to lead the forces but still they’re no match and the party ends up standing as the dust settles after the epic battle. Zelda finds a strange and apparently powerful rod on Artaz but beyond that there’s no time to loot…

Members of The Rabbit’s Foot crew approach from shore with news that they’ve freed their ship but will soon be pursued by a Cartel ship. The group rushes to a small boat that they row out into the tides as hard as they can to meet up with The Rabbit’s Foot. They’re pulled aboard and begin to flee from enemy ship. Knowing the chase will be a long one, The Danger Rangers rest below deck preparing for what’s to come.


The Rabbit’s Foot races through the night with a wolf at her ankles. The rough northern seas toss the schooner about, eliminating any speed advantage it may have had over the larger enemy ship. Some time in the early morning, though, as the sun rose the seas began to churn less and it seemed the lighter ship could slip away…

Until a second Cartel ship showed up on the scene, cutting off The Rabbit’s Foot’s current course and moving to intercept her. With little options, Guntramn Goodwort cuts back to ram into the first pursuing ship. Hoping to potentially fight them off one at a time. Once locked together in broadside, the Cartel ship peppers the deck with arrows and launches two massive ogres onto the deck of The Rabbit’s Foot.

The brutes are decked out in jagged and bladed plate mail and each wield devastating weapons. The one cuts men in half with a pair of scissoring katars. The other slices heads right off shoulders with a wild bladed chain. The Danger Rangers move to cut them off while the crew fend off the Cartel at the rail. The brutes are defeated and a second attack oddly never comes from the enemy ship. Nor does a second Cartel ship attack from the other side…

Instead The Danger Rangers are shocked to find the third ship is none other than The Sea Bastard! Awaiting on the deck is the father of Zelda and Tetra. Initially the reunion was a bit tentative. The girls were not sure of their father’s roll in their demise. It soon became apparent when Hugh Storye and Alosrin filled them in on the events that took place after and their current status. The Cartel had betrayed them all.

After catching up, Hugh offered temporary places in his crew for Goodwort and his men until returning to Aldingstone. Hugh and Goodwort talk and it’s revealed that they’ve had encounters with each other in the past where Goodwort outran The Sea Bastard with ease. Though a constant opponent and storied villain, Goodwort is thankful to Hugh for rescuing them and the two seem to share a mutual respect.

Hugh then wanted to know about his daughters, their new company, and their adventures. Once filled in, Hugh insisted that they let him help them and get them to Eastfold Terminal, though he couldn’t go into the city because of his current war with the Cartel. The party agrees and they get under way.

Alosrin and Zelda take time to do some scrying while heading to Eastfold Terminal and discover the city is in turmoil but find no sign of Paravel, Mr. Quincey, the One-Armed Man, or Whitemane. The Terminal used to be much quieter with the enormous native Northmen lumberjacks running a meager port to send out the lumber they had milled from the giant Tohva trees in the region. As the demand for the wood grew, outsiders came from all over to establish themselves as merchants, build trade halls, become brokers, and the like. With them came their families and every other sort of person that might make up a frontier town. The Northmen welcomed the boom and the people with open arms and things flourished for a couple generations and the town grew to a city.

Everything was fine until the Cartel showed up. And show up was all they had to do. They started appearing around town with no warning and eventually so many of them showed up that there was little anyone could do. They had an army in place. They also started driving wedges between the Northmen and their outsider neighbors. The city leaders were thrown in jail and the residents were told to carry on about their business or receive the same fate. The Cartel took control of everything including the lucrative lumber industry with no one to truly oppose them.

The most volatile situation within the city revolves around the murder of a young woman named Malin. Many Outsiders believe that she was killed by her former lover, Oliver Breeland, when she tried to leave him. The Northmen insist that one of their brightest and most skilled youths would never commit such an act. Oliver Breeland has disappeared before he could face any sort of “justice” and many Outsiders also accuse the Northmen of harboring him and supporting him.

Alosrin offers this… If the tide can be turned within the city and the Cartel taken out of power it could be a major blow against them. It could also stir up leads as to where Paravel could now be. You must turn Eastfold Terminal against the Cartel. Lie, cheat, and steal if you have to.


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