On The Road

After several days of travel, the party arrives in the cursed lands that surround Nightfall. In these lands, it is forever night and the undead roam in numbers not seen anywhere else. The party is waylaid by a bad storm and forced to take shelter in an abandoned roadside inn. While waiting out the storm they’re attacked by an undead horde. Undeterred by the storm or the undead they carry on the next day.

That day is incredibly foggy and since it’s always night the visibility is very poor. While traversing through the fog, Firvain Diamond-hawk believes that she hears the voice of Reggie and gives chase to a shadow figure in the mist. With the party in tow, Firvain Diamond-hawk is led to the remains of the foundation of some large old structure. There they find a cellar with a crumbled wall leading into a cave system.

Almost immediately upon entering the cave, Theran stumbles into a trap and gets a spear through his face, ending his life. This leaves the rest of the party shaken and afraid to proceed forward… but they do anyway. It takes the better part of the day to get through the system. A large portion of that time is spent deciding if they should pick several items up off an alter or not and inspecting a spear. They come across an imprisoned woman named Kethra and free her. It turns out that she was part of a patrol from Nightfall. She tells the party of how her patrol had been ambushed by a psychotic man that laughed during the entire attack and a large group of zombies. A small number of her patrol including herself had been kept alive for future meals. Kethra was the last one remaining. Deep in the caves, they confront a strange psionic brain in a jar and it’s ogre minions. The party is victorious but poor Pollygore gets splattered like a bug by one of the ogres.

Kethra leads them on to Nightfall

Perhaps we had better start from the beginning...

For centuries in the northern reaches of Eleutha there has been a legend of a woman in gray that appears to those in dire situations and rescues them from the brink of disaster. Our characters all find themselves in such situations at the hands of Marius Ghast and the East Mire Cartel. Each of their individual dooms tied together by that fact. Each one of them meets a brutal end but at the same time is strangely calmed by sweet music and the overwhelming smell of honey.

Darby, Poco, Firvain Diamond-hawk, Vlad, the Butcher, and Rurik awaken on the tropical beaches of Paradise. Elvadraelith has rescued them from the clutches of death. She offers them a chance at revenge by working as her agents of good in the region and putting an end to the East Mire Cartel.

After the players accept her offer, Elvadraelith reunites Firvain Diamond-hawk with her wolf, Pollygore. She then introduces them all to Theran, a Drow agent of hers. Elvadraelith explains that there have been a series of grisly murders in the town of Nightfall and that she’d like Theran to lead the group there to investigate.

The party is outfitted and heads out the next day with a cart loaded with supplies for the folk of Nightfall.


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