Guntramn Goodwort


He’s a middle aged Gnome fellow who seems to never stop smiling. It’s odd for a gnome to be at sea, let alone become a captain of a ship… but Goodworts reputation is well known as he is incredibly cunning, a sailor second to none, and quite capable with his rapier. He captains The Rabbit’s Foot.

He takes the party on in the chase after The Fang to retrieve Paravel. He is captured with the party by Artaz and held at The Rock. He plays a major role in the escape from their cell and the island.

His ship is sunk while fleeing from The Rock but he and the few remaining of his crew are rescued by Hugh Storye and the crew of The Sea Bastard. Since Hugh Storye is at war with the East Mire Cartel, Goodwort and his men stay with them and plan to join Sulin’s forces back in Aldingstone.


Guntramn Goodwort

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