The Grey Lady


The legend of The Grey Lady is one that dates back many hundreds of years. The Grey Lady has appeared to many in need throughout the centuries in northern Eleutha. Many a traveler in a dire situation has thought to have met their doom but then awakes somewhere far from the danger, safe and sound. The Grey Lady is said to appear middle aged and breathtakingly beautiful, though her hair is stunning silver. Whenever recounting their tales of The Grey Lady people always mention being overwhelmed by the smell of honey.
Elva surrounds herself with powerful guardians including a pair of angels and other extra planar beings. She also has several dozen Drow agents that she deploys as spies around the world and the Dwarves of Clan Stoneknuckle are always willing to fight for her.


Also known as The Grey Lady or Elva, the party’s savior and benefactor remains steeped in mystery.
Elva brings many of the people she rescues, including the party, to a place called Paradise that she rules. It is here the party wakes to find themselves snatched from the clutches of death and on a bright sunny beach instead. Elva then offers the party a chance at revenge against Ghast if they operate as her agents. She immediately sends them off to investigate a string of murders in the town of Nightfall.


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