Rabbit's Foot Out of Luck?

Guntramn Goodwort sets off as soon as the party hits the deck of The Rabbit’s Foot. The East Mire Cartel ship at the dock sets off in pursuit as soon as they realise what’s happening. Without enough hands to properly crew the ship, The Rabbit’s Foot continually loses ground throughout the chase until dawn when the East Mire Cartel ship is upon them. During the chase another East Mire Cartel ship shows up and joins in, making the situation quite grim.

The first Cartel ship fires upon The Rabbit’s Foot, crippling her. They then grapple and board her. The Cartel boarding party is led by two massive Orcs that have the party fighting for their lives. The boarding party is defeated and the party awaits the second ship to join the fray but it already has – the second Cartel ship has boarded the first and taken it over. The second ship turns out to be The Sea Bastard captained by Hugh Storye.

Hugh was informed by his diviner, Alosrin, that his daughters were still alive and he had been tracking them since. He tracked them to Nightfall but they were gone by the time he arrived. Alosrin was unable to find them after that since they were in Paradise. Once they emerged, Hugh immediately headed after them. Hugh jests that had the party remained in their cells for one more day there would not have been the need for the last minute rescue. He also informs the party that he had been betrayed by Ghast and wasn’t aware of the plan to kill Poco and Darby. Once Alosrin told him of their fate he did some digging and revealed Ghast’s betrayal. Not only did Alosrin find the girls alive but Sulin, as well! Hugh and Sulin have joined forces and are fighting a secret war against Ghast and The Cartel from The Undercity.

But first! The Sea Bastard must head to Eastfold Terminal to free Paravel.


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