Nightfall Investigation

The first night in town Vlad, the Butcher and Firvain Diamond-hawk both fight their way into the finals of a bare-knuckle boxing tournament held at the local tavern. Firvain Diamond-hawk shocks the onlookers with her prowess but in the end Vlad, the Butcher took home the prize money.

The next day the party gets to business investigating the murder scenes. They’re turned onto one of the victim’s fathers, Dupre. Unfortunately, Rurik mistakes himself for a sneaky rogue and blunders the groups attempt to spy on him during the night. This sends Dupre into hiding for a couple days.

In the meantime, a man named Rourk shows up in town with his arm missing. Unfortunate for Rourk one of the guards took the arm off the attacker that killed Dupre’s daughter and the whole town believes him to be the killer. He says he was part of Kethra’s patrol that was attacked and she backs him on the story. The party also meets Mu`idd al-Shaybani during this time. Mu’idd also believes Rourk to be innocent but the town finds him guilty and executes him anyway.

Patience pays off as Darby and Poco continue to spy on Dupre and one evening he tries to slip out of town undetected. Dupre is captured and forced to show the party where he was heading – a tunnel hidden in the cellar of an old shack. The tunnel leads to the bowels of Castle Bromont.


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