Arrival in Lost Stone

A few days into their journey back to Paradise, the party stumbles upon the town of Lost Stone. They find that the town has been abandoned by all the adults and that only children are left. The party meets with Elryn, the oldest boy in town, and his two late teen twin half Orc bodyguards. Elryn tells the party that the adults all woke in the middle of the night and wandered off into the mine just out of town a couple weeks ago. None of them had gone in after them fearing the same fate. They were also too afraid to leave their town to find help. The party agrees to go into the mine and find out what happened the next day. They also meet Paravel, Hilin, and several other children and get the feeling that something isn’t right with Elryn. They stay the evening there in the tavern Elryn has taken to using as his castle. All of the children sleep inside the tavern for safety.

In the night Paravel wakes the party and tells them that Elryn has taken Hilin and a small boy into his room and that she didn’t like the sounds coming from within. The party races to the rescue but when they arrive the two half Orc bodyguards have already brutally raped Hilin to death. The small boy Elryn has to himself is about to receive the same fate until the party attacks while the enemies pants are down. Heeyoooo! slaps knee It turns out Elryn and his bodyguards were actually Doppelgangers who had been manipulating and raping the children for days. No ties were discovered between the Doppelgangers and the parent’s disappearance into the mine, though.


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