Inside Castle Bromont

The tunnel brings the party up through the depths of the castle and into the dungeon. The dungeon is littered with flayed and mangled bodies. In a large cell filled with corpses, they find Brother Rian and several The Keepers of Light that are in very poor shape. Brother Rian explains the situation -

…I was part of a group of monks that came from Aldingstone recently to study the goings on in Nightfall and see if we could find a way to combat the curse of permanent darkness. Inside Bromont’s tomb, a couple of the brothers found a ceremonial dagger. How it went unnoticed all those years ago is unknown but once uncovered it was delivered into the captain. That’s when things began to change. The captain started to lose his mind. So did others. The daggers presence seemed to affect them. Little by little the men turned. Some of us tried to make a move to capture the dagger and regain control of the castle but we were too few… this beast covered in skins and some laughing lunatic showed up after we’d all been imprisoned. We call them The Laugher and The Skinner. We play dead most of the time so that The Skinner does not drag us off to our deaths… we hear the screams… he wears our brothers’ skin. I believe the dagger to be a relic that I’ve read of in my studies. The Gift of Nerull. It can be used to transfer a person’s life force. Making the wielder more powerful. But it controls you, corrupts you. It must constantly be fed. The captain believes he’s invincible but if he does not take in the life force of others regularly he will become weak. As will anyone who uses the dagger…

Brother Rain and the other The Keepers of Light escape through the tunnel but our heroes move forward. They’re confronted by The Skinner and defeat him. Then they’re ambushed by The Laugher inside the keep itself. The Laugher flees to the captain’s side. The captain has The Gift of Nerull but the characters defeat him with ease. The Laugher seems to have given the party the slip yet again during their fight with the captain. Once back in the courtyard the party sees The Laugher and The Skinner disappear over the side of the castle wall.


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