Capture and Escape from The Rock

During the first night of the pursuit, The Rabbit’s Foot is strangely becalmed at sea. The ship is surrounded by a thick fog. From that fog, Artaz springs his trap! Most of the crew is killed but the party and several of the crew are taken prisoner.

The group is held in a large cell that fills with water as the tides come in at night. This forces the group to tread water all evening long. The guards come and take the cabin boy. They rape and kill him right in front of everyone. When one of the shipmates lashes out because of it, the head guard kills him. They leave the corpse in the cell to float around the remaining prisoners. Firvain Diamond-hawk is removed from the group and put in isolation. Guntramn Goodwort slips through the tube used as a toilet and gets out. He comes back and frees the group.

At this point, Guntramn Goodwort and his crew go to free The Rabbit’s Foot and prep it for escape. The party moves through the fortress to find their pets and kill whoever is in charge.

The party fails at being stealthy and takes a hard beating at the hands of the guards because of it. They turn the fight around in the end and then head to the upper floors to find their pets and confront Artaz. They also stumble across Geth and Sheila and end their fucking charade.

After defeating Artaz, Darby finds The Will of Nerull, Midnight and also takes some of Artaz’s books for study. The party then makes a dash to The Rabbit’s Foot.


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