Arrival in Nightfall

Nightfall is a strange sight to behold as our heroes finally come into sight of it. Nightfall is a fortress of a frontier town set among endless swampy fields, decrepit old farm houses and overlooked by a dingy old castle. There’s a stone turret tower protruding from the town but most notable is the massive marble statue that dwarfs it. A statue depicts one of The Keepers of Light holding his arm outstretched to the heavens. In his hand is the actual artifact, The Shard of the Sun, used to defeat the necromancer that put the curse on the land. The Shard emanates bright sunlight almost like the sun itself. This light holds back the perpetual darkness from the town.

The party decides to try for the castle and The Keepers of Light stationed there first. Kethra tells them they won’t find any help there and leaves the group to continue on to town. The party quickly finds out that Kethra was right. After several minutes of beating on the barred gate, a sickly looking Keeper answers through a porthole. He’s rude and unhelpful and denies any requests to come into the castle or to meet with the captain.

The captain of the town militia is much more receptive. He’s a Dwarf named Rip Tide and he’s been expecting them. He’s shocked to learn of Theran’s death and is skeptical of the party’s ability to investigate what’s going on. Regardless he sets them up with lodging and meals and agrees to take them to the murder sites the next day.


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