A New Home

It’s been a couple months since we last met our adventurers. After many weeks on the road and many hard fought battles, Elva thought it best her new agents take some time to rest and integrate into the community of Paradise. Upon returning, Elva showed the party to a simple house that she said was now their residence. The home is two floors. 40ft x 50ft with a small lean-to attached to the back. Firvain and her pets quickly took up residence in the lean-to. The others divvied up the 5 rooms on the second floor. Besides a small straw bed in each chamber, the house is completely unfurnished. The first floor is a large open room with stairs leading up along the right-hand wall and a large fireplace on the back wall.
The next couple months of the summer go by in relaxing fashion. The party spends it’s time training, studying, helping around the village, drinking at the open air bars, going out to help on the fishing boats… things of that nature.
Life in Paradise is quiet. The weather always seems perfect, the sky blue, the ocean even more so… the sand flawless and white. The tropical vegetation lush and thick all around the town. The only way out of town via land is through a powerful illusion of thick jungle. The homes and buildings are mostly wood and thatch. Some of the larger structures are made from stone. There are roughly a couple hundred beings that call Paradise home. Members of all the common races can be found with some more colorful races sprinkled in. Even powerful beings from other planes sometimes make appearances when on business with Elva. Though oddities, magic, and finery are not hard to come by in this place from the select merchants Elva allows to find Paradise, most people dress in colorful yet simple clothes. Most go barefoot or wear sandals since most of the area is sandy. Though they dress simply, the people of Paradise deck themselves out in all sorts of lavish jewelry. Most of it made from the silver and jewels the Dwarves of the overlooking mountain mine.
The mine is the lifeblood of Paradise. The Dwarves of the Stoneknuckle clan it’s most stout protectors. There are several hundred Dwarves that live beneath the mountain. They are led by Valbrek Stoneknuckle. They favor typical Dwarven attire. Elva and the Stoneknuckle Dwarves have lived in harmony for centuries. When threatened by Drow from the Underdark, it was Elva who smashed their forces and reigned them in under her control, saving the Dwarves from annihilation. The Dwarves happily coexist with the small harbor town below them, using the folks of Paradise as their go-between with merchants and the outside world. Allowing them to focus on what they care about most – mining. Within the mountain, the Dwarves have carved a labyrinth that stretches deep into the Underdark. The mine is rich is various jewel veins and especially silver.
In addition to the Dwarves, Elva resides in the mountain with her elite guard and Drow agents. Though, you’ve seen her guards often they almost never speak, at least in your presence. There are 6 of them and they always accompany Elva. Two are obviously angels, one male, one female. They are the most beautiful beings you’ve ever laid eyes on. Both have flawless bronze skin, long silver hair, and piercing blue eyes. There’s a hound archon – a massively muscled humanoid with the head of a vicious looking dog. He wears a massive greatsword across his back. Another is a Leonal, a powerful looking leonine being. He wears next to nothing and carries only a pair of nunchakus on his belt. The 5th appears to be a Gith spell caster of some sort. He wears fine clothes and a dour expression at all times. Three stones circle in the air above his head at all times. The last member of her guard is a small and elderly Gnome sporting a hunched back and cane. The Drow mostly stay out of sight or are away scouting or spying in far away cities.
Paravel and the other children the group saved have all found places in families in Paradise. They can often be seen running around town laughing and playing in groups. The native children of Paradise welcomed them with open arms. Paravel stops by the house sometimes to say hello or bring the party things she’s baked, as she now lives with the local baker and his wife and has taken up the trade. She’s also started running his stand by the docks for him. Whenever she’s not running the stand or baking she likes to follow the girls of the group. The rogues have even started teaching her some thief skills and like having her around as a gofer. Darby even gave her an old lock and some spare picks to practice on.

All is well.


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